The story behind our botanically dyed fabrics

Sewing your own garment is already a sustainable choice, though we think it is important to look at the origin of your fabrics and how sustainable they are.

The lack of transparency in the textile industry makes it extremely difficult for the consumer to trace the origin of their fabrics. We struggled a lot finding a store where we could buy fabrics knowing where they come from, how they're made and who made them. We believe it shouldn’t be that hard. So we started our own shop, because we think everyone needs easy access to sustainable and ethically produced fabrics.

So we went on a mission to find a product we weren't even sure already exists. We wanted all natural, sustainable and ethical.

This was probably the hardest product to source for us. It took us months to find a supplier that ticks all our boxes. So here is a look at the story behind our beautiful botanically dyed fabrics made in India.


The textile industry plays a big role in the pollution or our environment. Cotton uses enormous amounts of water during production and if not grown organically also extensive amounts of chemicals. Our recycled cotton is made from cotton scraps ground back to fibre and re-spun to fabric. This saves about 765,000 litres of water per ton which makes this more sustainable than organic cotton as no new crops have to be grown.

Working Conditions

Most fabrics are produced under horrifying working conditions. Our goal was to find a supplier that can guarantee fair conditions, decent wages and no child labour. 

Natural dye

We also believe it is important to think about how the fabric is dyed and how this is impacting the environment, the workers’ health and ultimately your health by wearing the fabric. We believe in 100% natural. Throughout the manufacturing process no harmful chemicals are used. The cotton is naturally washed with soap nuts, salt and wood ash and dyed in vegetables and plants. The run off is completely biodegradable and can be returned to nature with no harm to the environment or anyone’s health. This makes the fabric hypoallergenic, ecological and sustainable.

The process of natural dye is linked to an ancestral knowledge, used well before our era from China to India, throughout the Persian Empire and Israel. Dyer masters have a priceless know-how, full of history and we think it is essential to support this booming local craft and the communities that make a sustainable living of this.

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