About us

Wild Craft offers a thoughtful assortment of consciously produced wares and craft supplies made of naturally occurring materials and upcycled resources. 

Our collection of artisanal goods are crafted with materials harnessed from our wild and beautiful earth that can return to earth. It is important to us that the making causes minimal harm to the environment or any other being. Hoping to encourage a slow, conscious, simple and self-made lifestyle with considered and purposeful items. 

The vision is inspired by our own environmentally conscious life, incorporating our passion for crafting and hand-made goods. Jason and I, love spending our spare time getting our creative juices flowing and our hands dirty. When we are not at the beach catching waves, we enjoy doing some pottery, tending our little garden, cooking fresh meals and building and making things around our house in Burleigh. Our goal is to reduce plastic in our life as much as possible and make conscious decisions before purchasing. But, turns out this is not always the easiest path. We wanted to give people a platform to buy consciously made goods with full transparency on where, how and who made these items. So we filled our eco-concept store with things we love and appreciate. Ranging from naturally dyed yoga wear, yoga mats dyed in ayurvedic herbs to locally hand-thrown Clay Cups.

But there was one more thing…my passion for sewing & knitting and everything crafty made me realise that it was hard to find ethically and sustainably sourced supplies. There is no better feeling than making your own garment. But making it without knowing where and how my supplies were made really bothered me. So we went on a mission to find sustainable fabrics, yarn and thread, ideally organic or made from upcycled materials, botanically dyed and ethically produced. What a mission this was!

The result - an eco-concept store, filled with things that we love and appreciate, with this extra category for every conscious maker and creator out there.

With Love

Jason & Teresa xx