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Hemp is a luxuriously soft and highly durable fabric. It has natural thermoregulating properties due to the hollow structure of the fibre. Hemp is naturally moisture-wicking & odour resistant and becomes softer and more comfortable over time. It has antibacterial & antifungal properties which makes it a great choice for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Our hemp fabrics are all dyed in botanical dyes, which means no harmful chemicals are used and all runoff is completely organic. At the end of its life cycle our hemp fabrics are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

1 unit = 0.25m                         4 units = 1m
*Orders will be cut as a continuous length*

  • a luxuriously soft fabric, just like linen
  • dyed in botanical dyes with no harm to the environment or the worker’s health
  • hemp fabric and natural dyes are both proven to be very gentle on the skin and a great choice for people with allergies
  • produced in India under fair working conditions 
  • Weight: 145gsm
  • Width:   145cm

Care Instructions

  • Dark colours may bleed for 1-2 washes*
  • Gently wash by hand
  • Wash dark colors separately
  • wash in natural, delicate detergent
  • wash/iron on reverse
  • do not use soap berries
  • air dry in shade
  • avoid direct sunlight
  • steam/iron on low setting with extra care

*We recommend to gently wash by hand the first two washes and to not wring or twist

Natural Dye
Note that the dye is purely botanical and done by hand. Colour is graded by eye, and slight dye batch variances may occur, please embrace any small imperfections as they give your textile its own unique personality.

Why buy naturally dyed hemp fabric?

Out of respect for nature and people working in a sector which is adversely affected by industrialization.

The textile sector is not only one of the biggest polluters due to its extensive use of chemicals, it also uses enormous amounts of water during production and unfortunately often employs people under very poor working conditions.

Hemp is a highly renewable and fast-growing plant; it can be harvested up to three times a year. It requires about halt the amount of water and can yield in 250% more fibre on the same land in comparison to growing cotton. The plant itself is a natural pest repellent & weed suppressant and therefore no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers are needed. The hemp plant has amazing properties to replenish the soil with nitrogen and oxygen, restoring pH levels and combating erosion. And last but not least hemp has an unmatched ability to absorb and trap CO2 from the atmosphere.

Modern dyeing processes use synthetic chemicals which are toxic to the environment and our health (especially the workers health). The untreated runoff discharges harmful chemicals directly back into our ecosystem harming natural waterways, the animals that live there and eventually us.

The process of natural dye is linked to an ancestral know-how, used well before our era from China to India, throughout the Persian Empire and Israel. Today, the use of natural dyes is considered costly and time-consuming, with the entire process taking around 3 weeks. But we believe it is essential to support this booming local craft, and a necessary and positive step towards a sustainable textile sector.


The lack of transparency in the textile industry makes it extremely difficult for the consumer to trace the origin of their fabrics. We believe it shouldn’t be that hard. In order to achieve this, we think consumers need easy access to sustainable and ethically produced fabrics without harming our planet, the people that produce them and our health.

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